The Client (you)

We create gardens that make you feel good and are good for you; outdoor spaces that you really want to be in. From incorporating special plants that evoke early childhood memories, to edibles that you can safely feed your family, we want your garden to be a reflection of you; a place that draws you into it, brings you a sense of peace, and gives you a place to entertain friends or retreat to at the end of a long day.

The Garden

We give careful consideration to creating a space that is exactly right for you, and also one that is right for the materials and plants used to create it. We firmly believe that healthy soil is the key to a healthy garden and results in healthy plants and a garden that thrives without synthetic fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides.

The environment

The health of the environment is the foundation to our health, so using sustainable and natural practices that are easy on our earth is very important to us. We use materials that are sustainable, durable and earth-friendly and create gardens that can be sustained naturally and responsibly.